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Thursday, 21 October 2010

All I Want For Christmas Is... a decent BBC Christmas ident

Christmas TV comes and goes, but one of the things which stick in your memory is the BBC Christmas ident - the little animation they play whilst introducing the next programme. In the early days, these were mechanical models featuring everything from snowflakes to rotating disembodied Santa heads. In the '80s these switched to animations, and then became ever more elaborate as computer technology improved.

The BBC's been slipping when it comes to Xmas idents recently, even repeating idents from one year to the next. If they repeat the BBC2 ident this year, it will be the fourth time it's been used - sadly it's a sign of corporatism and the rise of the bean-counters rather than any huge desire to please the viewer.

Anyway... here's a collection of BBC1 Christmas idents from the '70s to 2007:

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