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Thursday, 28 October 2010

SONY doesn't quite get it right

A bit of an oddity with SONY's Christmas advert - sure, it's a re-telling of a Christmas Carol, it gets the imagery right, and the script's not bad, but it doesn't seem to hang together very well and it's not entirely imaginative. Here's the full two-minute version:

Class under "appropriate, but not great".


  1. If this is just going to be a blog about Christmas TV (idents, presentation, adverts) then I'll look elsewhere.

  2. Right now I'm just finding my feet - not sure what form this blog will naturally evolve into. What sort of thing would you like to see on here?

  3. Favourite Christmas presents, this years most-wanted Christmas list, memories of Christmas and childhood (like Santa, doesn't have to be yours you could just ask people for their memories) best Christmas songs on the radio, Queen's speech, best games to play at Christmas, best/worst things you've found in a Christmas cracker - there's just a few! lol. Hope that wasn't too long! Oh and BTW I have nothing wrong with discussing TV presentation as I am very into that (have been for about 7 years) but I just thought that you might only have been posting about this content where-as the blog name just says "Christmas Countdown" which I thought would be a nice place to discuss Christmas experiences past and present.

  4. You have some good suggestions - a lot of them will be covered one way or another as we get closer to Christmas as right now I'm concentrating on tracking the start of the Christmas marketing campaigns. The balance of the blog will probably always be mainly YouTubery with miscellaneous other stuff dotted around it, and will hopefully be relevant to the current stage of the Christmas cycle. We'll see what happens - I'm still just experimenting with content, writing styles, etc. It will probably have settled down come December.