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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Bliss music channel goes all-Christmas tomorrow!

Bliss music video station (Sky channel 372) is due to switch over to wall-to-wall Christmas music tomorrow from 6am if you believe the Sky EPG. Yikes. Surely one for the channel hoppers out there and for those who want a quick shot of festive music to put them in the mood for Christmas shopping.

Or something.

Still, there are a few festive songs out there which lean towards being more season-neutral. Flying Pickets' "Only You", for instance, plus Paul Young's "Love Of The Common People" - I didn't realise that was a Christmas track until I caught the music video a few years ago, which made me appreciate it even more due to the brass instrumental bit in the middle. But I'm struggling to come up with other low-festive Christmas tracks.

Although it does give me an excuse to indulge in a guilty pleasure - I love this track, and I really shouldn't: Bo Selecta's "Proper Chrimbo". Enjoy...


  1. Low festive Christmas tracks? "The Power Of Love" by Frankie Goes To Hollywood is the perfect example. The lyrics don't mention Xmas at all, but Godley & Creme did that video of the nativity for it, and since then it's been a 'Christmas' song. And quite a good one actually :)

  2. East 17 'Stay another day' was another example.
    Have a video with some snow in it and a few jingle bells at the end and you are guaranteed a few quid beer money at Christmas, genius.
    One that's always played these days is that Robbie Williams & Nicole Kidman song, not christmassy at all.