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Friday, 22 October 2010

Christmas 24 is returning part-time in November

I'm still a bit of a Sky newbie - last Christmas was my first one away from Freeview. One of the channels I discovered was "Christmas24" - a festively rebranded version of the Movies24 channel on Sky channel 327. Every day last December featured wall-to-wall Christmas movies, and it's returning for every weekend in November, presumably as a taster before going full-time in December.

The movies... aren't great. Don't expect the big names such as Love Actually or It's A Wonderful Life - these look like strictly straight-to-video and TV movies from the American networks. They're not challenging, they're schmaltzy, but they make nice festive wallpaper to have in the background whilst doing other things. The plots are so simple that you could easily miss half an hour and still follow the story.

Go for the tinsel, snow and holly, stay for the feelgood factor.

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